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ATM Machine – Is It What Your Business Needs?

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Owning a business isn't always fun – having to constantly pay fees for the services that you're providing for your customers and deal with bounced checks coming back to you. If you own a small retail business and you'd like to get away from all of the credit card company fees and put a stop to bounced checks, it might be time to consider installing an ATM for your customers to use.

How can an ATM help?

When you have an ATM in the building, you can eliminate the credit card machine – no more paying fees to accept a payment from a customer. If you don't want to eliminate the credit card machine altogether, you can limit credit card transactions to a set amount – anything less than that must be paid in cash or you can charge a fee for low-cost transactions.

The ATM will give the customers the option to go straight to pulling cash out of their accounts and using that money to pay for your services. This way, they pay a small fee at the ATM and you get cash in hand for the products that you offer.

Draw in Outsiders!

If you are in an area in which it's relatively difficult to find an ATM, your ATM may just draw in some customers that would have otherwise walked right on by. Hanging an ATM sign on the front of the building could help to entice new business.

Understand the Fees

Before you sign any contract, make sure that you fully understand all of the fees associated with the ATM machine. Different companies charge different rates and have altering lease agreements. Make sure that you read all of the fine print before signing the agreement.

If the ATM is a long-term investment, consider both the option to lease the machine and to buy it outright. When you lease the machine, most of the time, the maintenance costs are included in the lease. When you buy a machine outright, you will likely be responsible to cover the costs of maintenance and some repairs – you may have some warranty protection to assist with some issues.

So, do you now understand how an ATM can help decrease your stress level each day? Start up a conversation with an ATM service, like Maritech ATM Solutions, to find out what's being offered for businesses such as yours – you may find that there's a solution to your problems that can be handled with just a few phone calls.